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We are a locally owned business that offers effective non toxic cleaning services to residents throughout Pittsburgh and it’s surrounding areas. We offer services free of judgment with our goal, at the heart of it, being to help reduce stress for our clients so that they can turn their focus to living their lives.

Our employees are trained to use tried and true methods of cleaning that please and impress our clients every time. No job is too big or too small for us. Each space is given the same care and attention to detail. Each employee is screened and ready to provide you with consistent top notch results. Your space is in good hands with us and will be treated with the utmost respect. Whether you need us for a one time clean or continued services, we truly aim to build trust and maintain heirloom relationships with our clients.

We work around your busy schedule and provide convenient cleaning services that cater to your needs. 

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Why Us?

Good question! Here are our top reasons

  • Easy

    Online communication with us is seamless and easy. It only takes 1 minute to book.

  • Trust

    You can trust us. We rigirously vet ALL of our cleaners through background checks.

  • Affordable

    Premium cleaning at an affordable price. We’re here to help.

  • Safe

    We’re insured and all our cleaners undergo stringent background checks.

  • Seamless communication

    We’re available through email and by phone: Whatever. Whenever.

  • Flexible

    Need special accomodation? Do you need a reschedule? Don’t worry – we’re here to work with you.

our frequently asked questions

Click on each heading to read the answers to questions we get asked all the time!

  • COVID-19 Home Specialist Measures

    Our Home Specialists take the following precautions & measures to fight against the spread of germs and viruses. Our Home Specialist’s are taking steps to do their part in keeping everyone healthy. This includes: Washing hands regularly Disinfecting equipment between each job. Staying home when they are not feeling well. Wearing masks from start to finish Practice physical distancing in your home, as appropriate. If you would like any additional measures taken contact us directly. *We ask that if clients are home while a home specialist is cleaning your space, please wear a mask and remain in another room.
  • How can I prepare for my upcoming clean?

    We ask that any piles of clothing, linens, toys, dishes are removed from the areas that you would like for us to clean. Please have your dishes out of the sink if you would like for us to clean the inside of the sink.
  • Will the spare rooms outside of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that I selected at checkout be cleaned?

    We are happy to clean your spare rooms, attic, home office, basement etc. Please be sure to select those rooms in the "Extras" section to cover the cost of cleaning those extra areas. Otherwise your clean will only include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room.
  • What Is Included In A Regular Cleaning?


    Kitchen (clean sink out, counter tops, cabinet faces upper and lower, stove top)
    All exterior surfaces in all rooms
    Floors are mopped and vacuumed Bathroom (complete toilet clean, shower, handles, tub, drain)
    Bedroom shelving, nightstands, bed frames, tidy up bed)
    All window sills


    All Extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost)
    We will move small objects to clean surfaces underneath
    We will not move piles of clothing/objects for a regular clean. Please select a deep clean with add ons for cluttered services
  • What Is Included In A Deep Cleaning?


    Everything included in a regular clean + Baseboards Light switches & Door handles
    Detailed Dusting Back Splashes and Faucet Fixtures are polished
    Light organization of all rooms (for detailed organization select add on)
    Extra hour included for high detail areas


    All Extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost)
  • What Is Included In A Move Out Or Move In Cleaning?

    When booking a Move Out or Move In clean, you can expect an all inclusive service. This is our most detailed package and includes 4 of the 7 extra services we offer which you can add to any level of service. These extras include: Inside oven, inside fridge, inside cabinets, and inside all windows. This clean is intended to turn the home someone once lived in, into its original state and ready for new homeowners. If the house is not empty, please have any boxes or furniture moved away from walls etc so that we may complete the cleaning service. If we arrive and there are boxes, furniture, etc preventing the cleaners from working then we will need to reschedule.
  • Which Service Do You Recommend For First Time Clients?

    A deep clean is recommended for all first time cleaning by eco abode. It allows us extra time to get all the areas that have been missed during regular cleanings in the past. After the initial deep clean, most customers switch to a standard clean.
  • Cancellations And Refunds

    If you cancel before 48 hours you will receive a full refund to the payment information on file.

    If you cancel within 24 hours without properly notifying us (see cancellation protocol below) you are required to pay 30% of your total bill. If you cancel on the day of your clean, it is a non refundable full charge. If you are not there when we arrive we will attempt to reach out to you. If you do not respond, we will wait for 15 minutes. If you do not respond, show up, or have no one to let us in, you will be charged for the full amount of the clean and will need to reschedule. We strive for perfection, so if there is something missed during the clean, please reach out to us and we will return asap to correct the issue. We do not offer refunds but we will come and correct any mistakes immediately on us!
  • How to cancel your appointment.

    Cancellations are preferred with at least 48 hours notice. If you need to cancel within 24 hours, you must email us WITHIN business hours and confirm your cancellation with someone by emailing directly to If you cancel after hours without speaking to someone for your appointment the next day charges will be applied(see above information).
  • Will The Same Cleaner Come Every-Time?

    Yes, upon request. Please understand that cleaners have personal lives, and can get sick, or request leave. If that occurs we will need to send a different cleaner.
  • Is Tipping Normal? If So How Much?

    Yes it is. However there is no suggested percentage, whatever feels good to you. Any amount is appreciated by your Home Specialist.
  • What If Something Breaks?

    This rarely occurs but accidents do happen. Please  contact our office immediately to work with our insurance to get the object of value replaced.
  • What Can I Expect When I Add Organization To My Booking?

    Areas that are often left cluttered will have the added time for proper organization. Some areas that are often left unorganized are pantry’s, bedroom closets, bathroom counters, entryways, kitchen counters, etc.
  • When will I be charged?

    The first time you book with us your card will be charged for your first clean. If you have chosen recurring services with us, to avoid scams/fraudulent chargebacks we charge your card within 7 business days before your clean. If you end up needing to reschedule you can choose to either receive a refund or apply the balance to your next clean.
  • What if I choose the incorrect type of clean?

    If you choose a "Standard" cleaning package but your home is actually a "deep clean" you will be required to pay the difference between the two packages.